Services to meet your individual needs

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Post-acute rehabilitation services are available when you no longer require a hospital but aren’t ready to go home. Our top focus is centered around your needs to return you to health. The outcome-oriented rehabilitation therapies at The Gardens at Blue Ridge help rebuild your strength, function, and mobility you need to return home. At our intimate facility, The Gardens at Blue Ridge, we provide the comprehensive rehabilitation that is essential for speedy recovery.

Long-Term Skilled Care

When independently living is no longer practical, a long-term clinical support environment with the comforts of home is the natural choice. Guests at The Gardens at Blue Ridge receive personalized attention from professional caregivers on the premises around the clock. Our caregivers are ready to assist residents with performing daily activities. 24-hour acute and chronic care including medication management and personal hygiene are all included. We do much more than simply treat patients here. In our family-like environment, we promote healing and wellness and ensure the quality of life for the people you love.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

Our physical therapy program can help you regain your highest levels of functioning and mobility and return to independent living. Occupational therapy specialists are on hand to help you improve fine motor skills. Our speech therapists will help you regain communication skills and overcome language issues. The team of skilled caregivers at The Gardens at Blue Ridge develops an individualized treatment program tailored for each guest.

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